13 Makeup Cheats You Need To Know

makeup for women over 50

Rules when it comes to makeup vary.  There are rules in the twenties and thirties that do not apply anymore in women aging fifty. In this article, you will learn more about the ways of plumping up your skin in minimizing fines lines, making the eyes pop and wearing lipstick that appears more flattering and more appealing.

Here are the thirteen tips for makeup for women over 50:

Skin Always Comes First

Among other things, skin always comes first. When your skin is a lot better, you will less likely need makeup. Just keep it exfoliated and well-hydrated. Leave it moisturized completely by the application of retinol cream or wrinkle daily moisturizer.

Make Fine Lines Less Visible

Accept the fact that there is no magic formula to make wrinkles and fine lines disappear. When you apply on moisturizer before you apply a concealer and foundation, it will plump up the skin and make the fine lines even less visible. Doing so helps it glide on more smoothly and easily.

Choose Just the Perfect Foundation

There are older women out there who still used the same foundation they used ten years ago. But, remember that skin changes on a yearly basis and not seasonally. During the winter months, a creamy formula could be used while in the summer months, the skin could become oily. These foundations are actually formulated with aging and mature skin in mind.

Use a Lip Plumper

Women get older and their lips become thinner. In order for your lips to become plumper, you need to make use of a lip gloss. There is nothing that really works better other than this. Fill in your lips using a lipstick or a lip liner with shade that is darker than the natural color of your lips.

Avoid Dark Lipsticks

It is suggested to avoid dark lipsticks. Pinks and rosy reds are a lot better as compared to deep plumps. You may try on various colors through the help of another person. You will then figure out the shades that complement your skin tone.

Choose for Eye Pencils than Liquid Liners

Eye pencils are a lot better and softer as compared to the liquid liners. The latter can really bring harsh effect on the aging eyes. You may as well smudge it using your fingers and make-up brush. Nevertheless, you must not line the interior part of your eye if ever you have small eyes. This will only make them appear smaller.

Make the Eyes the Focus of Attention

Make it a point to emphasize your eyes and become the focus of attention of others. Enhance the color of the eye using eye shadow shades. For those who have hazel eyes or brown eyes, browns and golds are just beautiful as blues.

Consider Primer as the Best Friend

It is known to many that flawless makeup relies much in a makeup primer. In between the skin, you may apply a specific layer of primer. This will help the foundation, eye shadow and mascara to glide on in a flawless way.

Use Illuminators and Highlighter Pens

The use of illuminators and highlighter pens is essential in lifting your face and in visually shaving off years from your appearance. There are several brands to find on the market that come at their affordable prices.

Play Up the Features by Way of Contouring

Contouring is considered as the hottest and the newest trend among older women. In this technique, you may use blush and bronzers that help create a true definition to your face.

Just Stay Natural and Never Overdo It

Always remember that it is just good to stay natural. Never ever overdo it. You should never apply a heavy amount of lipstick, eyeliner and foundation.

Curl All Those Eyelashes

Just curl all those eyelashes for your eyes to open up completely. For that additional benefit, you may warm up the curler using a blow dryer for three seconds. Curl all those lashes. Make it sure that you test the metal right through your arm. Apply mascara to your curled lashes.

Add a Blush to your Cheeks

There are women out there who use blush the improper way. Even if you have a dull complexion, your cheeks will still look better and more brightened.

Now, you have learned more about the 13 tips for makeup for women over 50!