7 Things We Can Share With Younger Women

Dear Younger Me

Life’s path comes in a wide range of colors – while most are wonderful experiences, some are lessons to be learned- hence, you live and you learn. During our younger years, we tend to attach a great amount of weight to what people think, how they feel about us and how they see us, instead of creating our own self from the inside out. Over the years, and throughout several hardships, I have learned to filter other people’s opinion and that’s been amazing and empowering.
Wouldn’t life be even more wonderful if we could go back to one’s younger version and say a thing or two about what holds ahead? But since we can’t do that (at least not right now) I’ve decided to pay it forward and pen (or type) the things I wished I had known and applied before turning 50.

1. Don’t be afraid of making your own mistakes

We are humans, and it is human to make mistakes.

That’s right. We are humans, and it is human to make mistakes. It is part of the learning curve. Don’t be so hard on yourself for making a mistake. Odds are it was completely unintentional, hence out of your control at the moment. Every time I make a mistake, I see it as a vital step to be better. Once you have that power change your perspective and see the positive in the middle of the chaos, you’ll be amazed at what happens.

2. Take care of your health

You’ve probably heard this one before, but undoubtedly health is the most important aspect of your life. Without health, things can get really difficult for you and your loved ones.
In the end, everything that will make a difference is whether you have a good health or not. With this in mind, eat well, rest plenty, exercise, meditate, laugh a lot and have a positive attitude at all times.

3. Life is more wonderful than it looks

That is right. No matter what you’re going through these days, there is still a wonderful world around you, people who cherish you and the certainty that everything is temporary. Even the most painful situations. There’s always hope in everything.

4. Be yourself

If you can be unique and offer your contribution to the world, why pretend to be someone else? Don’t allow other people to change you. You’re uniquely you and that’s why people like to be around you. Show your weirdness and do it with pride. Be silly, be funny. You’re too young to be serious. Explore new places, make new friends and don’t hold back.

5. Be grateful for what you have

Be grateful FOR what you have

You’re so naïve and young-minded, it’s almost funny. Don’t be ungrateful. Remember you are blessed with the life you have in itself. Value what you’re given, and don’t take anything for granted. Recognize the importance in even the smallest things. It’s such things, which make for the best memories.

6. Explore the world

There are so many opportunities waiting for you out there. Walk through those open doors. If you do not take advantage of these chances and dive into risks, you might never see your true calling. Why not consider challenging opportunities to establish your strengths and learn a thing or two. You’ll find that if one door closes and another door opens.

7. Make yourself your top priority

If you prioritize yourself first, you’ll have more energy to help others when needed. Given that women have historically taken on the role of the caretakers; it is something we do reflexively. Bear in mind that exercising self-care isn’t selfish at all. It’s just a necessity if you wish to lead a productive and rich life.[adsense2]Remember, you have the ability to empower. These are only some of the things you need to know before you turn 50. Be a leader, have confidence in yourself and enforce change. Don’t settle – the world is in your hands.