We are leaders paving the way for future generations,
We have been there, and done that.
We have lived through happy times and not so great ones too.

We are amazing women, who have been blessed with living fifty plus years.
And together we will make the best for the time to come.

Fiftyplusyou.com is dedicated to women who feel that life only gets better after 50!
50+You! was started as a need for an outlet to share a “mature” woman’s perspective on life and all its aspects –from family, health and wellbeing to love, finances, and current affairs- and has quickly grown into an amazing community of like-minded women.

Fiftyplusyou.com is about helping women feel empowered by the wisdom that can only be acquired through time. Building a community, one step at a time we scout for expert opinions and the most amazing guest posts for subjects that matter. We continuously browse, research and convert these findings into pleasant articles for everything that the modern woman needs to know.


The Fiftyplusyou.com Team