And You Thought Vampires Didn’t Exist

And You Thought Vampires Didn’t Exist

There is a new anti-aging trend today and it is the wildest one we have ever heard yet – reverse aging blood transfusion. A new scientific test is striving to put knowledge behind immortality beliefs, seeing whether reverse aging blood transfusions are the key to staving off the effects of aging.


In 2016, a company named Ambrosia –Greek term for ‘elixir of life’; From the root of ambrotos, or ‘immortal’ – is betting on the chance such results might explain into humankind anti-aging elixir. Since then, Ambrosia in collaboration with Dr. David Wright who operates an intravenous therapy clinic in Monterey, has been continuously pumping single doses of donor plasma to those people who are eager to pay for the reverse aging blood transfusion.

Can Reverse Aging Be Achieved Through Blood Transfusion?

Blood acts as fuel to our organs. As we age, the quality of our blood lessens, hence leaving the body to function at a lower capacity. This drop in performance is believed to heavily influence the aging process. Parting from this observation, Ambrosia’s founder Dr. Jesse Karmazin’s hypothesis is that if you’re running on healthier and younger blood, the rest of your body will better suited to fight gradual decline.

Ambrosia’s founder Dr. Jesse Karmazin’s hypothesis is that if you’re running on healthier and younger blood, the rest of your body will better suited to fight gradual decline.

blood transfusion used for antiageing

Blood transfusion is not a new treatment in the medical world. Traditionally, blood transfusion has been exclusively used in procedures of curing illnesses like infections, cancer, and anemia. however, the average age of a traditional blood donor is 65. Here is where Ambrosia’s revolutionary concept comes in: Young blood plasma. Ambrosia’s plasma is extracted from people between 16 and 25 years.
Unlike other anti-aging blood treatments, reverse aging blood transfusion is about more than combating crow’s-feet. The promising touted benefits of blood transfusion range from enhanced cognitive function to reduction in numbers of diabetes and cancers.

Currently, clinical tests are exclusively open to patients aged 35 and above; however, Ambrosia’s CEO says that patients range from age 39 to 92, with the average patient being in their mid-sixties. A curious note: While anti-aging treatments are traditionally more sought after among women, two-thirds of the more than sixty-five participants who’ve signed up with Ambrosia are men.

Elixir of Youth Price

The reverse aging blood transfusion doesn’t come cheap. A one-time treatment to clean up your body plasma comes along with an $8,000 price tag and no guarantees. While investors finance most clinical trials, the company has to depend on patients to support their research, given that blood transfusions aren’t something you can patent after a fruitful study.

Is It Effective?

Is It Effective? The data could only provide anecdotal evidence

The first patients to undergo this reverse aging blood transfusion started last September 2016, so the data could only provide anecdotal evidence. While the company is trying to register more participants to collect conclusive evidence on the one-time 2-liter injections, Dr. Karmazin is eager to look for ways to expand the research.

However, there is cause to be positively optimistic. While the trial of Ambrosia comes with caveats, the concept of reverse aging blood transfusion as a therapy is just starting to thrive in the scientific industry and beyond.

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