Do You Have A Big Butt? You Should Read This

The Churchill Hospital and University of Oxford in the United Kingdom have just made it very clear that big butt is an essential thing in life and is also a health wise. The butt does not only boost the health of a woman as this also enhances intelligence and lowers the chances of the body’s exposure to chronic diseases.

Even the distribution of fats is also very important just like what all the researchers say. If you have more time, it is best work on those fats below your waist particularly on your butt. These can help fight chronic diabetes, heart diseases and other diseases that are linked to obesity of women.

Pear Shaped VS Apple Shaped

You must compare the size of your body to a specific fruit to be able to have a healthy body. If you are woman who is of pear-shaped, then you are actually at the right track just as what the researchers say.  If you are an apple-shaped, you surely would want to turn it into a healthier and better lifestyle.

Women who have excess amount of belly fats are far more exposed to obesity problems than those women who carry an extra weight on those thighs and hips. There are lots of evidences that show that those fat depots are not the same in the body. This is according to Dr. Robert Kushner who is a professor and who specializes in medicine at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago.

According to Dr. Robert Kushner, belly fats are really believed to be very metabolically active. This means to say that these have a greater effect on your brain and on the body than those fats stored at the lower half.

Girls Big Butts Equals Big Type of Brain

Maintain big butts by having a significant amount of omega 3 fat. This is due to the fact that this helps promise a healthy function of the brain especially the cognitive and memory abilities. Researches also have shown that children born from women with wide hips are far more intelligent than those who are born from less curvy and thinner mothers.

If you also want to have bigger brains, spend more time and effort to maintain the best shape and size of your butt. This will help you not only to have healthy brain features and attributes. This will promise you a different look which will really make a big difference.

How to Regulate Weight Gains in Your Brain

Another essential factor tied with those girls who have big butts is the leptin. The level of leptin in the body of women is likewise important in the regulation of your appetite. Those who are already obese were found out that their brain stop responding. This therefore results to leptin resistance.

Big butts also favor the leptin level in the bodies of women. Leptin is actually an essential hormone that regulates weight while dinopectina is also hormone that is known for its vascular protective, anti-diabetic and anti-inflammatory attributes.