Eat These Fruits Today For Glowing Skin


Eating fresh fruits could assist you have a glowing, healthy skin. Healthy eating and healthy lifestyle could do wonders to your skin. Glowing and beautiful skin is a dream of many people especially girls. If you have flawless and radiant skin, it really makes you look stunning and striking. Therefore, if you want to achieve this, start eating fruits and ensure it is included in your daily diet. Below are the five fruits that could make wonders for your skin.

Pomegranate: Anti Aging and Sun Protection

Pomegranate is a type of sour fruit that is rich in Vitamin C. It has 90% vitamin C content that helps you have healthy and glowing skin. It is also efficient in treating various kinds of diseases. It also inhibits sun damage to skin cells, according to the research conducted in India.

How to Use?

To maximize the benefits of Pomegranate, you can use it either orally or topically. Eat Pomegranate in the morning.  You can also apply the juice of Pomegranate onto your face for a glowing skin.

Watermelon: For Smooth and Soft Skin

This is also one of the best fruits for glowing skin. Watermelon is rich in vitamin A, lycopene, potassium as well as Vitamin C. This fruit can help you have a glowing and soft skin. Research shows that there’s a considerable correlation between lycopene concentration and skin roughness. A high level of lycopene resulted to low levels of skin roughness.

How to Use?

Drink watermelon juice from time to time. You can also use the pulp as facial mask.

Papaya: Healthy and Skin Renewal

Papaya is skin-loving fruit that is abundant in Vitamin C and A together with carotenoids and magnesium. There are lots of sources of carotenoids such as tomatoes and carrots; research shows that they are further bio-available from this fruit. Bioavailability is the proportion of a substance which enters the circulation once introduced to your body, thus it has active effect.

How to Use?

Just crush small amount of papaya, then apply on your neck and face. To improve its benefits, you can mix it with raw milk, honey as well as milk powder. On the other hand, raw papaya could assist eliminate dead skin cells.

Banana: Acne and Wrinkle Free Skin

Banana is rich in potassium that assists hydrates and moisturizes your skin, which makes it look supple, youthful, as well as fuller. They have various skin-healthy nutrients like Vitamin A, B, as well as E. It has essential nutrients that work to keep skin elasticity, moisturise, avoid premature aging as well as wrinkles, rejuvenate a soften skin, and eliminate dark spots as well as blemishes.

How to Use?

You can eat banana daily or make a face mask treatment at home. This can help you obtain a glowing and healthy skin that is free from acne and wrinkles.

There are many kinds of fruits that can help you have a glowing skin, but listed above are just some of the best ones that you can try at home.