How I Won My Battle Of Weight Loss At 50


Who says that turning fifty has to be traumatic?

Who says that turning fifty has to be traumatic? Who says that women in their fifties can’t have fun? Celebrating your 50th birthday should be seen as a blessing, so don’t let that number put you down if you are fifty today because you are entering a new endeavor: the golden age of life’s real happiness!

Over 50.Now what?

Yes, it is true that sometimes we experience difficulties with physical pain in our muscles and bones, but how about if we turn a negative into a positive and take these pains as scars from won battles of living our life to the fullest? After all, our bodies are just like a machine and as such also experience wear and tear. The bright side, is that just like a machine, with proper maintenance our bodies can keep functioning in an exceptional manner. We just have to learn to listen to our bodies and be disciplined to follow a more conscious lifestyle. Trust me, the reward is amazing! A new you, full of confidence and energy to go along with it is worth any “sacrifice” that may come your way.

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You are not in your 20’s anymore but there is hope

Weight Loss At 50

you can’t really do all those crazy things without having a much different reaction

As we age, our system changes and very seldom we change our old habits proactively. Do you remember when you were in your teens or early 20’s how you could stay up for hours, eat all sorts of “junk” and still manage to go about your day as if you had the most amazing night rest? Well, as you’ve probably have experienced, you can’t really do all those crazy things without having a much different reaction. But there is hope! These tips that I’m about to share with you will have you glowing and shedding pounds in no time.

Metabolism is the reason

It is a fact that our metabolism slows down as we age. As Kristen F. Gradney, R.D., director of nutrition and metabolic services at Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center and spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, recently said in an interview published on Self magazine  “there are actual real hormonal changes that take place in our body that then affect the way we store fat and lose fat. Our metabolic rate actually decreases because of these differences in hormones.”

Weight Loss At 50

Unfortunately, more often than not our diets usually don’t change to account this slow-down metabolic, meaning our weight might slowly creep up

However, these changes don’t happen overnight, and they are usually preceded by progressive hormonal shifts. Unfortunately, more often than not our diets usually don’t change to account this slow-down metabolic, meaning our weight might slowly creep up. Normally, we face a lot of roadblocks especially when expecting overnight results. But, when we know how to fight and work out around them, dropping those extra pounds will be much easier.

So without further delay here are my true, tried and tested simple little tricks will help you to lose weight:

  • Get your hormones checked.
    Normally as we age, our hormone levels decline. This in turn signals our body to store rather than lose weight. Simply having our adrenal glands, thyroid and other hormonal levels checked, then following your doctor’s advice to keep them in balance (should there be any issues) is one way of preventing us from failing in our battle against inexplicable weight gain.
  • Embrace strength training.
    While you may have been duped to believe that training with weights will make you super buff, let me tell you that weight training is a must to speed up your metabolism. Once reaching the age of 50, we have less muscle mass, approximately about 20% less than what we did during our 20’s. Just this change makes every woman gain a few extra pounds even if all other aspects of your preceding lifestyle remain unchanged. Building muscle is critical for weight loss, as muscles require more fuel to function and this in turn will keep you burning calories around the clock. If you don’t know where to start, here are some great routines workout

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  • Assess your diet.
    Keep a food diary, that way you will know exactly what goes into your body. By tracking down what you eat, you will be able to recognize a pattern in your food choices and identify the ones that are primarily contributing to your weight gain (too many carbs, or soda pops?).
  • Engage in clean eating.
    Ever heard the phrase “your body is your temple”? Well, you better embed these words in your head and treat your body as your most precious possession. When we are trying to get fit, avoid eating processed foods, commit to make every day meals clean and drink plenty of water instead of diet sodas or sugary drinks. Most women who are over 50 benefit from following a diet rich in lean protein and limiting carbohydrates.
  • Choose easy physical activities.
    When trying to get fit, make sure to incorporate easy physical activities that won’t put too much stress on your joints, especially if you haven’t been exercising regularly. Some of my favorite activities include water aerobics, swimming, cycling, yoga, dancing, and kayaking. Personally I enjoy these activities so much that it doesn’t even feel like exercise. Also, it has been a great opportunity for me to learn new things (like kayaking!).
  • Get your worries/stress in check.
    Life can get complicated and over scheduled. Excess responsibilities can overwhelm us easily. While they are part of our lives, it is important to remember that there is more to life than our worries, and that YOU come first. Make sure you make time for you! Schedule your workout and commit to it. When you stick to a consistent routine, it will not only help you ease stress but can also help to keep on track of your diet as well. After all, it will become as natural as our daily activities then, we will be able to maintain it and successfully achieve a healthy and fit body. See it as therapy (is way cheaper than a real therapist too!)
  • Pop multivitamins.
    Vitamins are one of the most important things that we need to have in order to gain and maintain a healthy body. When we’re getting enough nutrients, our body will respond well.
  • See a physical therapist.
    At our age, consulting a physician before starting a new exercise activity is a must. After reaching the age of 50, most people, particularly women, have sustained body pain or injuries. Set an appointment with a physical therapist you trust especially if suffering from back, neck, or other chronic pain, as it can affect your commitment to working out regularly. Physical therapy can rehabilitate old injuries, ease muscles and joints pain, providing you with tips for a pain-free workout.

Other Safety Tips to Lose your Weight Faster

1. Prioritize real and whole foods

2. Limit consumption of salty foods

3. Skip sugary drinks, drink water instead

4. Get enough rest and sleep

5. Make realistic, specific, goals is key to long term weight loss

Let us know us know your tips for weight loss or any other thoughts  in the comments section.