Mom’s First Meme Online Went Viral


On August 21, 2017, a bigger phenomenon than the solar eclipse went viral on social media namely the twitter. The meme went viral and the twitter user is so proud of the mom that made her first meme because it is too perfect and cute. A Meme is a humorous image, video, word, or phrase, which spread on the internet fast hence becoming viral.

Sasha taught her mother the art of meme and her mother became an instant sensation

Sasha, the daughter helped get the meme go viral, however, her mother Michelle is the one that posted the meme on Twitter, and it was her first time posting, which made it even more special. Sasha taught her mother the art of meme and her mother became an instant sensation. It looks like Michelle is enjoying doing and posting on twitter.

How did the meme go viral?

As stated above, on the same day of the solar eclipse that mom viral meme hit the twitter industry. The mother, Michelle was getting annoyed with all the warnings about the public having to wear glasses to protect the eyes when viewing the solar eclipse. Therefore, out of boredom Michelle created a mom viral meme that hit Twitter. Her annoyance drove her to create the infamous meme that people loved because it was so genuine.

The viral meme post

Wonder what the mom viral meme post in the twitter was about?
Its just  a picture of Cyclops from the XMEN-Marvel Comics Franchise and  the  caption in the top of the image that says:


“When you wear special glasses to protect the Eclipse from your eyes.”

With all the warning that made, mom viral meme ends up making a joke and making fun of it. They both have fun doing joke with the warning of solar eclipse and made it a hit on twitter. Mom viral meme got many admired twits more, shows they admire the twits of Michelle.

The “meme” mom

With the mom viral meme twits, she’s now intended to be called “meme mom” and twitter is so proud of her joke.[adsense1] Social media is looking forward to more mom viral meme that she will post on the social media. According to the daughter, her mother gets many followers on Instagram. Seeing the comments of many followers on Instagram made her day happy.

We should be proud of Michelle for bringing such mom viral meme that makes the social media world happy and wild.