Researchers Shocked When Found Out Paleo Diet’s Stable

paleo diet

A shocking discovery has come to light in regards to what seems to have been a staple in the Paleo diet. Until now, it was believed that the Paleo or caveman’s diet, was based on the consumption of lean proteins, fruits and vegetables and healthy fats from nuts, fish and olive oil and grass-fed meat. However, Paleo advocates failed to notice an interesting staple in their foods- until now. Researchers from University of Tübingen in Germany, discovered that Neanderthals had an appetite for human meat and bones.

What they discovered was shocking

The research posted in Scientific Report journal discovered that our cousin specie, the Neanderthals who existed approximately 45,000 years ago indeed practiced cannibalism. The remains of Neanderthals found in France as well as in the Iberia Peninsula put up with cut marks and percussion indentations which show bones were intentionally pounded to take out the marrow.

In an interview with the Guardian, lead researcher and Professor Hervé Bocherens from the University of Tubingan, explained that ““These indications allow us to assume that the Neanderthals practiced cannibalism. The many remains of horses and reindeer found in Goyet were processed the same way”.

Why Paleo Diet?

Paleo diet encourages eating whole foods- fruits, vegetables, and lean meats -because they are naturally packed with fiber. According to professionals, dietary fiber is essential for a healthy diet. Fiber lessens the risk of constipation, helps lower cholesterol as well as also lessens the risk of cardiovascular illnesses and diabetes. Fiber is also essential for weight loss.


Although Paleo diet is not as rich in fiber as advised by current guidelines, digestion is frequently enhanced with the Paleo diet. This is primarily due to the absence of gluten and refined sugars as food sources, which makes the digestive process much easier for our systems. Following a paleo style nutrition eliminates heart burn as well.
This diet is high in healthy fats primarily derived from essential foods like nuts and fish, which are rich in omega-3 a known anti-aging super nutrient and essential for brain function.

While it is shocking to discover that this ancient super diet included some sort of cannibalism, it is still comforting to know that Paleo is not a fad diet. Its emphasis is tightly on eating organic natural foods which are free of preservatives as well as harmful chemicals point to be the optimal human nutrition.

This way of eating is easy to start and the best part is not restrictive when it comes to portion size, so you can be sure that the Paleo diet is not going to become a distant memory anytime soon.