The Truth Behind Getting Pregnant Over 50


According to some experts, getting pregnant at 50 is impossible to happen. But, realism proves them wrong. Between the age of 50 and 55, there is plenty of room for a woman to become a mother. Whether you decide to use fertility treatments or not, you should know that having a baby at 50 has both pros and cons. Here are some of the important things that you need to know about getting pregnant at 50.

The studies show that parents over 50 maker wiser decision in their children’s upbringing

  • When you are 50, you have had plenty of your own time to develop your interests, family or career. You’ve seen a lot, tried a lot and don’t have any regrets about spending more time at home with your baby.The studies show that parents over 50 maker wiser decision in their children’s upbringing, they choose for healthier lifestyles and make wonderful support systems to the kids. In addition to this, their financial stability enables them to enjoy parenthood much more than younger couples.


  • There are serious drawbacks in deciding to postpone your parenthood to your 50’s- women’s fertility rate drops dramatically in the 5th decade of their lives .So the advice is very simple- if you are past your 50th birthday and want to get pregnant, don’t wait a second more and start trying immediately. If there is no result, visit the fertility specialist or choose some other method to speed up your conception. You have no time to waste, but don’t get too stressed out or nervous, because it can also diminish your chances.
  • Being pregnant at 50 brings complex rates of genetic anomalies and miscarriages therefore regular consultation with your trusted OB/GYN is highly recommended.
  • If you told some of your friends that you are trying to conceive, you probably heard lots of improbable stories with both terribly disastrous results and happy endings. Some of these stories are about emotive roller-coaster rides or about being unsure what to do and how to act when getting pregnant. Doubt is a natural thing. If that is the case, just remember the fact that women over 50 have had healthy babies, even a century ago, without any ovulation prediction methods or dietary supplements which help with infertility issues. If you use only some of the advice you personally find acceptable and not overwhelming, you have nothing to lose.


  • Try to eat healthier food, exercise more and lose any extra weight. Only 5% of weight loss dramatically increases your fertility. Enjoy regular sex with your partner and start charting your ovulation as soon as you start thinking about having a baby. Be sure to take folic acid pills. Read and discover everything about natural treatments and methods of increasing your chances to conceive and make your body ready for a full-term pregnancy in advance.

Being able to enjoy in the period of planning your pregnancy and turning your dream into reality is a true gift.

The chances are there, you only have to give it your best shot. For more information about getting pregnant at 50, conducting a research is the best thing to do.